installation view collage + brochure

ZYKLUS 1993-2018
CYCLE 1993-2018

Growing up far away from war, but with its images all over the media, I wanted to unterstand how my perception of war has evolved. Via the image search of Google, I collected photographs of battles and conflicts, which took place since my birth in 1993.
By using this found footage I created a large-scale collage, which represents my fragmentary and incomplete image of war.
An additional index presents a chronology of these wars, while accompanying them with events from my life. This comparison of realities demonstrates the difficulty of representating complex events by a single picture, and its context dependence.

Found-Footage Collage, 5 × 1m
Brochure, 3 × 0,23m

Prof. Eva Leitolf, Emanuel Mathias, Heike Hertwig


detail view brochure

installation view broschure

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